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07 February 2008

Netia’s another new offer: free choice of best promotion

Netia offers its customers another unique promotion. Under the promotion, customers signing a two- or three-year contract for Internet access and telephone line may switch to better terms still during its term. This is the first offer of this type on the Polish market.

At the time when the market and telecommunications offers develop quickly, customers do not have to be concerned about signing fixed time contracts and the obligation to pay the same price for three years despite better promotions appearing on the market. Netia’s new offer allows customers to have the service fee reduced even during the term of a fixed time contract without being obliged to extend it.
A fixed, attractive promotional price is guaranteed during the whole term of the contract. After six months, the offer may be replaced with a cheaper one available in another promotion.

Netia’s proposal is very simple; it guarantees an attractive, fixed price without additional hidden increases after a few months.
Netia also offers Safe Internet access guarantee. The customer may install top computer protection software including antiviral software, but also parental control software. The software can be tested for up to three months for PLN 0.01 monthly so that customers check its efficiency.

Building upon proven quality of service provided to the most demanding business customers, Netia offers the same guarantees to individual customers as well.
Full service including activation and modem installation assistance, 24/7 customer service as well as consultations and assistance in purchase of ancillary equipment useful when using the Internet are offered.

The promotion will continue until 16 April 2008.

- This offer is another step towards implementation of Netia’s strategy of being the preferred telecommunications provider. This is why we offer a unique solution new on our market again: we guarantee the choice of the best new promotion during the term of the contract for the customers. Netia again sets market trends and outstrips the competitors as usual - said Mirosław Godlewski, President of the Management Board of Netia.

Netia’s Internet access is currently used by more than 230,000 customers. The company provides service based on its own infrastructure and TP S.A. network.

Netia’s new promotional offer (all prices VAT inclusive):

Monthly Internet access fees
24 months
36 months
512 kbit/s PLN 49PLN 44
1Mb/s PLN 59 PLN 49

Monthly Internet access fees if a telephone line is purchased simultaneously
24 months
36 months
512 kbit/s PLN 44PLN 39
1Mb/s PLN 54PLN 44