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07 January 2008

Netia outperformed broadband customers forecast

Netia has exceeded 210,000 broadband customers forecast for 2007. On 31 December 2007, the number of broadband customers amounted to 216,145 including 99,000 using TP network-based service.

“I am glad that we have decidedly exceeded our objective that were believed too ambitious still at the beginning of this year. This is why Netia has become an undisputed leader among alternative operators by offering customers actual freedom of choice of operator. We have increased the number of customers using BSA in the first place, but acquisition of local internet companies and construction of our own WiMax network have also contributed. We also won customers in our own copper network. We begin 2008 with an excellent customer base growth rate. In addition, our customers will be able to use Netia services based on first unbundled local loops. We are also expecting an increase in broadband revenue growth rate”, said Mirosław Godlewski, President of Netia’s Management Board.

Netia provides broadband access using its own network, the infrastructure of Telekomunikacja Polska and local internet providers recently acquired by Netia. Netia has won about 36,000 customers by acquiring local companies.