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03 December 2007

Money already flows to Netia customers’ accounts

Netia has launched activation of the customers who chose the new promotion “PLN 600 in your hand” (“600 złotych do ręki”). First customers can already use the funds transferred by Netia to a VISA card assigned to them. The first customer activated and awarded a sum of money according to the selected service option is from Piaseczno, near Warsaw.

On November 5, Netia launched a promotional offer of broadband Internet access services and telecommunications services. Upon activation of the service, the customer gets up to PLN 600 for any use. The amount provided by Netia to a particular customer depends on the service option selected.
The innovative nature of Netia’s offer is related to the manner in which money is submitted to the customer, who receives a free VISA payment card issued by Netia that can be used to make commission-free payments in more than 150,000 outlets which accept VISA cards throughout the country. It is also possible to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Apart from the funds, Netia’s customers gain additional savings. Prices of the services offered by Netia, provided under an agreement, are even 14% lower than those offered by TPSA. The subscription also includes additional services: the Safe Internet (Bezpieczny Internet) and the personal online service mynet.pl. The promotion is available until December 31, 2007.

As at December 1, 2007, 194,363 customers used the Internet access service from Netia. The broadband Internet access services are provided by Netia with the use of their own infrastructure, the infrastructure of Telekomunikacja Polska, and local networks which have been acquired by Netia.