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05 November 2007

Netia’s revolutionary Christmas promotion

Netia has proposed another innovative promotional offer for broadband Internet access services and telephone services. On purchase of the Internet or voice services in Netia, at the time of service activation, the customer receives up to PLN 600 for his or her own expenses. The offer is addressed to individual customers, and also small and medium-sized companies. Also customers using services provided via TP’s network may benefit from the promotion.

In the latest Netia promotion customers do not have to wait the entire term of the agreement concluded with the operator to reap the benefits of purchasing broadband Internet access or a telephone line. This is because depending on the option selected, the customer receives from Netia even up to PLN 600 straight after the service activation. The innovative character of Netia’s new offer is also related to the method of providing funds for the customer. The customer receives a specially issued, free-of-charge VISA card which may be used to make payments without commission in over 150,000 points accepting VISA cards throught Poland. The customer may also withdraw cash from an ATM.

Besides gaining the access to funds, the Netia customer additionally saves as prices of services in Netia’s offer are even 14% lower in comparison with the services offered by TP. The subscription also includes additional services: Secure Internet and personal Internet service mynet.pl. Secure Internet is a set of user and computer security features protecting them from threats existing in the Internet. It contains an anti-virus module, a firewall – protecting the computer from access by third parties, an anti-spam filter – blocking the receiving of unwanted e-mails, and parental control allowing the parents supervision over Internet contents to which children have access. Mynet.pl is the unique Internet service enabling the user to create his or her own website collecting current information from the indicated Internet sources, depending on individual preferences.
The promotion is valid until December 31, 2007.

- The purpose of our campaign is to increase the number of customers who would want to use our services in the longer term. Again, we offered to our customers a solution which is new and original on the market. Our dynamic activities are part of the strategy to attract a million broadband customers within the next three years - said Mirosław Godlewski, Netia’s CEO.

Promotional offer:

Service option

36 months agreement
Subscription fee

24 months agreement
Subscription fee

Platinum Package
Fast Internet 2 Mbit/s
+ Better Phone 24/7

PLN 183

you receive PLN 600

PLN 193

you receive PLN 300

Golden Package
Fast Internet 1 Mbit/s
+ Better Phone
 Evenings & Weekends

PLN 118

you receive PLN 500

PLN 128

you receive PLN 250
Silver Package
Fast Internet 1 Mbit/s
+ Better Phone 60

PLN 90

you receive PLN 400

PLN 100

you receive PLN 200

Service option

36 months agreement
Subscription fee

24 months agreement
Subscription fee

2 Mbit/s

PLN 84

you receive PLN 400

PLN 94

you receive PLN 200

1 Mbit/s

PLN 49

you receive PLN 300

PLN 59

you receive PLN 150

Service option

18 months
Subscription fee

Better Phone 24/7

PLN 99

you receive PLN 100

Better Phone Evenings & Weekends

PLN 69

you receive PLN 75
Better Phone 60

PLN 41

you receive PLN 50

As of October 30, 2007, 183,229 customers were using the Netia broadband services. Broadband Internet access services are provided by Netia via its own network, the infrastructure of Telekomunikacja Polska and local Ethernet networks recently acquired by Netia.
All TP subscribers are currently within the reach of Internet access services provided by Netia and over 81,752 thousand customers are already using the Netia broadband services through the TP network. About 78,317 thousand customers are using services provided via Netia’s own access infrastructure, and over 24,160 are customers of local Ethernet networks.

The introduction of the new offer is supported by a strong advertising campaign on TV, in the press, radio and Internet.
The Netia services may be ordered at: 0801 88 11 00, at www.netia.pl, from Netia’s commercial representative and in Play Germanos stores all over Poland.