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14 November 2007

Netia’s first node ready for local loop unbundling

Work on local loop unbundling in Netia is progressing as planned. First customers of LLU-based services will be activated already this year. Starting from Q1 2008, Netia plans to offer the services on a commercial basis.

Netia is the first alternative operator to sign an agreement with TP for local loop unbundling. Yesterday, the first node was unbundled to allow TP customers to use Netia services pursuant to the LLU agreement. Netia’s new loop is located in Warsaw at Kaliska Street, allowing Netia to access over 15,000 TP lines.

The choice of nodes to be unbundled is based on geomarketing and financial analyses. Netia selects nodes that are complementary to its network. Within the next few years, Netia plans to unbundle over 500 nodes, which will enable the company to reach over 3.5 million of TP’s customers.

LLU technology will enable Netia to provide the full range of telecommunications services for individual and business clients, including broadband internet, voice services, data transmission, and IPTV in the future.