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16 October 2007

New Netia Services for Broadband Customers: mynet.pl - Personal Internet Portal – and Safe Internet

Netia has launched mynet.pl service. Netia Internet users can make web sites on their own free of charge and collect information interesting to them in one place without searching for it in many web sites. It is a kind of start page which does not require any technological expertise to be started up. The information and content gathered are updated and always available.
It is a unique offer perfectly fitting the most important trend of the modern Internet called Web 2.0. Netia is the only Polish telecommunications operator offering such a solution.

A personal site will also enable getting information about many interesting web sites and services offered through the Internet. In particular, beginning web users will be able to start their Internet experience by getting access to valuable content and services with no effort. In addition, customers will be able to access e-mail quickly and easily and to have a blog on their own.

Mynet.pl provides an easy access to weather forecasts, TV, cinema and railway timetables, Lotto drawing results and it enables watching films on the Internet sites. The customer can access mynet.pl from anywhere in the world and make it available to other users.

Netia has also launched the Safe Internet service for individual customers using Netia broadband access. In preparing this product, Netia used solutions by F-Secure, world-wide computer security leader well-known to the web users. The largest telecommunications operators and Internet providers use F-Secure solutions because of their good reputation. Those advanced security solutions were only offered to business customers so far.

Safe Internet is a set of functionalities designed for broadband services, protecting computers against viruses, spyware, hackers and potentially dangerous web sites. It is a comprehensive, all-purpose software package containing an anti-virus module, a spyware protection module, a firewall providing the optimum security level when the Internet is used and a spam filter protecting against unwelcome messages and potentially dangerous web sites. In addition to advanced malicious virus code detection algorithms, this service also protects your computer against hacking, filters e-mails so that you avoid problems involved in manual deletion of unwelcome messages and protects you efficiently against spyware.

Safe Internet has parental control devices. It enables creation of user profiles so that children only use web resources approved by you.

Fees for Safe Internet are charged monthly and added to your telecommunication bill. No advance payment for the licence for a year or other period of time is required.

The test version of the fully functional service is available free of charge. It will be marketed from November on.