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10 October 2007

Netia has 175,000 broadband clients

The number of Netia’s broadband Internet clients has exceeded 175,000. Broadband services are provided by Netia over its own network, over TP’s infrastructure as well as via local Internet service providers purchased lately by Netia.

Currently all TP clients are in the reach of Netia’s broadband Internet services and already 74,000 broadband clients use Netia services over TP’s network. Approximately 78,000 use broadband services via Netia’s own access network and 23,000 are clients of local Ethernet networks.

‘We are pleased by good results in winning new clients. This allows us to think positively about reaching the 2007 target of over 200,000 broadband clients,’ said Netia’s CEO Miroslaw Godlewski.