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17 September 2007

Andrzej Gradzi appointed Netia’s Managing Director for the ISP Market

As of September 17, 2007, Mr. Andrzej Gradzi became Managing Director for the ISP Market in Netia. His responsibilities will include the execution of Netia’s strategy with regard to building its strong position in the ISP sector, including management of acquisitions.

Andrzej Gradzi is well experienced in the management of companies and telecommunications projects, and has an extensive knowledge within the field of mergers and acquisitions on the telecommunications and Internet markets.
In 1999, Mr. Gradzi participated in the process of acquisition of two then-leading Internet providers (Atom SA and Internet Technologies), and managed the process of their integration, as a result of which Internet Partners, the then-leading Internet provider in Poland, was established. Mr. Gradzi served as President of the Management Board of the Internet Partners Group, and later on as President of the Management Board of GTS Poland. He also held managerial positions in GTS Central Europe in Budapest, and managed various telecommunications projects in Poland and Central Europe as a consultant.

In June 2007 Netia acquired three Ethernet companies that provide broadband Internet access services to residential customers. This transaction was one of the stages in the implementation of Netia’s strategy aimed at acquiring one million customers of broadband services within three years. Other Internet companies of this type, also in other regions of the country, are within the range of our interest. I believe that the knowledge and experience of Andrzej Gradzi will support the execution of our strategy − said Mirosław Godlewski, President of Netia’s Management Board.