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20 August 2007

Netia offers new packages of voice and Internet services

Netia launches new ‘Surf and Talk’ services in the form of packages for individual clients and small and medium-sized businesses. The service is provided over Netia’s network as well Telekomunikacja Polska lines. The current TP clients will be able to shift to Netia for all services saving up to PLN 1,000 in comparison with TP’s offer.

“We are happy to be the trendsetter again as Netia is the first operator to introduce Internet and voice service packages for individual clients. It is a transparent and flexible proposition, much cheaper than that of TP. I believe it will encourage the existing TP’s clients to consider a complete switch to a different operator, especially that now Netia is able to reach all current TP subscribers,” said Piotr Czapski, Netia’s Strategy and Business Development Director.

The key elements of the new offer will be voice and Internet service packages enabling the client to use Internet and phone for only PLN 19 for the initial three months. The charge for the subsequent months will depend on the term of the agreement and the selected Internet connection speed option as well as the voice service tariffs; however, it will always be significantly lower than the charge for similar services offered by TP. For individual clients Netia has developed three packages including Internet access and three new voice tariffs.

Apart from clearly lower prices than those offered by TP, Netia’s clients will also benefit from free-of-charge professional hosting. One invoice for two services will be an additional advantage.

Netia’s new offer is very flexible. Each package can be modified so as to meet the client’s needs in the best way. Each service can also be ordered separately. Apart from 24 and 36-month agreements signed in the case of package services, the client will be able to choose a 12-month agreement for Internet services and an 18-month agreement or agreement for an unlimited period of time for voice services.

The table below presents Netia’s packaged services for individual clients including voice and Internet services:

First 3 months – only PLN 19 gross per month!

24-month agreement

36-month agreement


4th to 24th month

4th to 36th month

Silver*                                                   Internet 512 kbit/s / Better Phone 60
Monthly Silver
package fee

PLN 90

PLN 85

Gold**                                                   Internet 1 Mbit/s / Better Phone Evening and Weekends
Monthly Gold
package fee

PLN 128

PLN 118

Platinum***                                            Internet 2 Mbit/s / Better Phone All the Time
Monthly Platinum
package fee

PLN 208

PLN 193

All prices inclusive of VAT

*Internet access: 512 kbit/s download speed, 128 kbit/s upload speed. The package price includes 60 minutes free of charge for local and long distance calls.
**Internet access: 1Mbit/s download speed, 256 Mbit/s upload speed. The package price includes local and long distance calls free of charge between 6pm and 8am and during the whole day on weekends and statutory holidays.
***Internet access: 2 Mbit/s download speed, 256 Mbit/s upload speed. The package price includes 2,000 minutes free of charge for local and long distance calls.

Netia’s services can be ordered at www.netia.pl, at 0-801 88 11 00, from sales agents or in 170 out of 230 Play/Germanos stores.

Netia has currently 144,000 broadband customers. They include Netia’s and TP’s customers as well as users of Ethernet networks acquired by Netia in June.

New offering for small and medium-sized companies

As of August 20, Netia introduces services packages for clients from the small and medium-sized business sector, which are less expensive than that of TP. The client will be able to choose individual Internet and voice service parameters, such as transmission speed, static/dynamic IP address, hosting services, or advanced security package. Moreover, the package will include voice services with additional minutes for calls. Netia’s package services for TP clients who are small and medium-sized companies will be provided using access to the TP network (BSA and WLR).

“Small and medium-sized companies are our very important clients. We know how much they value a good offer and the fact that they can choose an operator. Now the existing business clients of TP will be able to take advantage of much less expensive services of Netia and select an operator that will offer them good package for a competitive price,” said Mirosław Godlewski, Netia’s CEO.