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30 July 2007

Internet – The ‘Internet Free of Charge for a Year’ Promotion Extended by 10 Days

Netia extends the promotion of Internet access offered to the subscribers of Telekomunikacja Polska and its own customers. Internet is available free of charge for up to one year in the promotion which began on the July 9 and will last until August 10.

‘We have noticed a great interest in our latest offer. We send up to one thousand contracts daily to our customers. We decided to extend the promotion due to a significant increase in requests towards its end. We want to give our customers a chance to profit from an excellent offer, the more so because we are in the vacation period. We have heard that our revolutionary offer is being copied by other competitors. It is worth mentioning though that Netia is the leader among alternative operators in winning broadband clients. Our activation and customer services have checked out,’ said Mirosław Godlewski, Netia’s CEO.

1 Mbit/s or 2 Mbit/s access is available free of charge for a year. If one concludes the agreement for 36 months, he/she will pay PLN 49 (VAT inclusive) for 1 Mbit/s for the remaining 2 years.
If one purchases 2 Mbit/s, he/she can save up to PLN 1,200 over the 36-month term of the agreement, which means as much as 36% savings compared to the offer of Telekomunikacja Polska.

Netia’s Internet access is currently used by about 138,000 customers. They include Netia’s and TP’s customers as well as users of Ethernet networks taken over by Netia in June.

Netia was the first operator to offer Internet access to TP customers on commercial basis in January 2007. Currently, about 44,000 customers use the service provided through the TP network.

Netia is said to offer the most competitive broadband access in the promotion, cheaper than TP service by about 33% (various service options are compared), in the report of the Office of Electronic Communications analyzing prices of services offered under BSA (bitstream access) agreements.

Monthly fees for the Internet access in the offer valid from July 9 to August 10, 2007:


36-month agreement

24-month agreement

Download speed

months 1-12

months 13-36

months 1-6

months 7-24

2 Mbit/s


PLN 94


PLN 109

1 Mbit/s


PLN 49


PLN 59

   Prices include VAT

Other fees: activation: PLN 10
modem: PLN 79