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09 July 2007

Netia’s Fast Internet free of charge for a year

Netia offers the cheapest Internet access on the Polish market to the subscribers of Telekomunikacja Polska and to its own customers. Clients who join the current promotion introduced on July 9, 2007 to last until the end of this month, can access the Internet free of charge for up to one year.

1Mbit/s or 2 Mbit/s access is available free of charge for 12 months. If a client signs the 36-months agreement for 1Mbit/s, for the remaining 2 years he/she will pay PLN 49 (VAT inclusive) per month. When purchasinig Netia’s Fast Internet connection at 2 Mbit/s, one can save up to PLN 1,200 over the term of the agreement, which means as much as 36% savings compared to the offer of Telekomunikacja Polska.

“The purpose of the campaign is to increase the number of customers and win Internet users willing to use our services over a longer period of time. We will launch value added services in order to enhance our offering. Our dynamic actions are part of the strategy of winning a million broadband customers within three years,” said Piotr Czapski, Netia’s Strategy and Business Development Director.

Fast Internet service can be ordered at www.netia.pl, at 0-801 88 11 00, from sales agents or in Play/Germanos stores. Currently Netia’s offer is available in 170 out of 230 stores.

Netia has currently 135,000 broadband customers. They include Netia’s and TP’s customers as well as users of Ethernet networks acquired by Netia in June.

Netia was the first operator to offer Internet access to TP customers on commercial basis in January 2007. Currently, 41,000 customers use the service provided through the TP network.

The launch of the offer is supported by an advertising campaign on TV and in the Internet.

Monthly fees for the Internet access in the offer valid from 9th to 31st July 2007:


36-month agreement

24-month agreement

Download speed

months 1-12

months 13-36

months 1-6

months 7-24

2 Mbit/s


PLN 94


PLN 109

1 Mbit/s


PLN 49


PLN 59

   Prices include VAT

Other fees: activation: PLN 10
modem: PLN 79

Moreover, on July 9, 2007 Netia introduces a new tariff plan “All the time” (“Cały czas”) for Netia customers. The monthly fee includes a package of 2000 minutes for free local and long-distance calls. If purchased with an internet access offer, the promotional monthly fee of “All the time” amounts to only PLN 89. Clients not using Netia’s Internet access can also purchase this tariff plan at a monthly fee of PLN 99 in a 24-month agreement. Outside the package, local and long-distance calls cost PLN 0.15, including VAT. Fixed-to –mobile calls cost PLN 0.83 including VAT.