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04 June 2012

Netia SA announces its opinion on the merger with CDP Netia sp. z o.o. (formerly Crowley Data Poland sp. z o.). (49/2012)

The Management Board of Netia S.A. (the “Company” or “Netia”) provides its opinion regarding the merger of the Company and CDP Netia sp. z o.o. – formerly ” Crowley Data Poland sp. z o.” (“CDP Netia”)

The above mentioned merger is part of the integration project concerning the Companies from Netia Group, which is expected to create a larger, more efficient and more competitive New Netia.

The merger will proceed on terms specified in the merger plan published in the Court and Business Gazette (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy) No. 69/2012 dated April 6, 2012, item 4594 and in the current report dated March 29, 2012 ( current report no.22/2012).

The merger will proceed through the transfer of the entire assets of CDP Netia to Netia (merger by acquisition), without increasing the share capital of Netia and without any amendments to Netia’s statute - in the manner set forth in Article 492 § 1 section 1, Article 515 § 1 and Article 516 § 6 of the Commercial Companies Code.

The merger of Netia and CDP will streamline the management of the capital group’s resources, contribute to the reduction of labour and administrative costs and improve the performance of the entire group.

The Management Board of Netia recommends that the Company’s shareholders vote in favour of the resolution on the merger of Netia and CDP Netia.