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19 April 1999

Netia granted nationwide data transmission services licence

Warsaw, Poland - April 19, 1999


Netia Holdings, the largest alternative provider of fixed-line local telephone services in Poland, today announced that the Ministry of Communications has granted a nationwide license to Netia Network S.A. for the nationwide provision of data transmission services, for which the company will pay 1 million Euro. This will enable Netia to provide the highest standards of data transmission services throughout all of Poland.
Netia currently sells 30% of all its new lines to business customers. These customers require high-quality, reliable, state-of-the-art data services. The nationwide license will allow Netia to meet the needs of its increasingly large business and corporate customer base.
Netia's extensive experience on the Polish market combined with the technological expertise of Telia, the company's largest shareholder and strategic partner, will enable Netia to build the most advanced network based on the latest technologies.
Following its recent agreement with Telbank, one of Poland's largest DataCom networks, majority of which is held by Poland's National Bank, to jointly promote and sell Data services to Netia's corporate customers, all these actions further demonstrate Netia's commitment to establish itself as Poland's leading supplier of data transmission services.
Netia Network has already begun work on the network technical infrastructure design which will provide data services not only in Netia's existing license areas but also in areas of Poland not covered currently by Netia's network.